From a privileged point of view a city is observed.
Elaine Puta is a video art 5’10 about relations and roles of the observer / observed, as well as classifications and timeless judgments on the female body. // De um ponto de vista privilegiado se observa uma cidade.
"Elaine Puta" é um videoarte de 5’10" sobre as relações e papeis do observador/observado, assim como as eternas classificações e julgamentos sobre o corpo feminino.

A video art made by Márcia Bellotti
Produced by Luiza Porto and Márcia Bellotti
May 2014, Brazil.


A pool where the eternal existing time reveals the accumulation of thoughts of all humankind.
Freely inspired by Virginia Woolf’s homonymous short story.

by Luiza Porto e Márcia Bellotti.

PORNLAND  |  2005

Between 2004 and 2007, I published a lot of public advertisements, where I sought to find ordinary and unknown people willing to be photographed exposing important, forgotten or obscured issues of their lives.
This photo shoot is called Pornoland, and it was built in a vision that blends the surrealism of the original work with questions about the issues of gender and sexuality.

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Untitled  |  40 × 60 cm  |  2008  |  Inkjet on paper

Photographed under a 80mm objective, traditionally used for portraits by minimizing distortion, created a parallel with the ordinary and inexpressive ID photos, where only think captured is an ordinarily and serene look.

The harsh light, with great contrast and very theatrical shows sweats, skins slippery, oily. The choice of black and white suggests the reference of footage photos, study, cataloging, police.

And, as a rip before the trivial portrait, arise bones, flesh, skeleton. The deformity transpires on a detail, only a sample of what we hid from the ours owns depths, what identifies us for last.

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30 × 40 cm | 2010-2013

Photographic montages series, built through personal footage.

The “Delirium” essential feature consists of a disturbance of consciousness, followed by a change in cognition which can not be better accounted for by a preexisting dementia, or a similar problem in evolution. The disturbance develops in a short period of time, from hours to a few days, and tends to have your intensity changed during the course the day.

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80 × 120 cm
Inkjet print on cotton paper
36 unique prints

In October of 2011 we crossed the United States through the US-61 (The Blues Highway), from South to North, along the Mississippi River, which was historically used as a means of transportation for African Americans that left the South towards the Northern crops.

We came across a very different reality from the one promoted by cultural medias of the USA. We found uninhabited cities, destroyed houses and desolated areas, showing a rural exodus provided both by constant natural disasters and the lack of governmental structural support, as well as the fall of the once called “American Dream”. Countless deserted fields, abandoned buildings and empty roads are perhaps signs of the omen of dreaded economic bankruptcy.

Our main focus has been documenting the society through a portrait of their buildings. We chose not to register the exact locations of each photograph because we are not interested in the specific background of each building, but the stories that we can create through lack of references of each image. The only guidelines are the Mississippi River, the US-61 and the pain voiced by the blues.

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40 x 60 cm   |   2010

Photographic documentation about the cultural phenomenon that empties the streets of the main Brazilian capitals during periods of national team games in the football world cups.

Performed by empty streets and avenues in the city of Rio de Janeiro, during the 2010 FIFA World Cup, specifically in the games ‘Brazil x Chile’ and  ‘Brazil  x Holland’.

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